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The Daily Rasorial
why the chicken really crossed the road
Introducing the Flock 
28th-Apr-2008 05:35 pm
Naming things is a people trait that we poultry are ok with as we have been able to use the names our Human has given us to get treats. She calls and we come running! She whistles for Dog and Dog always gets treats so we’ve started coming to the whistle too. Sometimes the Dog treats are tasty, sometimes it’s just to get Dog into the house. We would just walk in if the door would stay open long enough, no whistle needed!

I am the first chicken that my Human has ever known. She calls herself the Pink Vending Machine, which is derogatory and demeaning to her and to us, the feathered tribe. Sure, when she opens the back door we come running and squawking, that’s only natural as we have trained her to toss out snacks from that back door. But she is hardly a vending machine, I mean really! But I digress…

Next came Aunty Em, Emma for short. Emma is an Araucana mutt, white-ish with a tail, thus the mutt part. She lays tiny pale blue eggs. Human raised her from a week old chick, in the house. She hatched a clutch of eggs that Human picked up somewhere. Aunt Bea got to stay but the boys went off to be someone's dinner. Aunt Bea was sold before we left Seattle to settle in Peoria, Arizona. Emma is not particularly friendly but is a good momma chicken. She is my best buddy and has been part of the flock for 4 years. 

One day, 2 years ago, Human went to get us some more of our favorite food, Purina Layenna. Well, she came home with 50 pounds of it AND two day old chicks! These she also raised in the house until they were all covered with their first feathers then Emma and I got to pick on them, just enough to show who was boss. It’s a chicken thing.

Zena is an Australorp, big (5 pounds) and pretty smart as youngsters go. Human loves to pick Zena up and carry her around the property, which Zena tolerates but does not particularly care for. This one is my chief rival for ruling the roost but I keep her in line with daily pecks on the top of her head. Her eggs are large and light tan with a shiny coating. 

Doris is a Brahma, also 5 pounds and very docile. She takes her daily head pecks gracefully, is quite submissive to the Human’s constant desire to carry us around and actually quite cleaver. I’ll go into that at another time. Doris is having trouble dealing with the desert heat. She pants all day (you know that chickens don’t sweat but pant like dogs) and seldom leaves the cool side of the flower garden except to lay her daily egg which is a bit smaller than Zena’s also light tan with a chalky coating. 

Chicken Fact:
Hens don't need roosters to lay eggs, only to make more chickens!
29th-Apr-2008 10:07 am (UTC)
What beautiful ladies!
30th-Apr-2008 12:39 am (UTC)
What a gift it is to catch up with the girls again! I miss you guys (and your human), and glad to know you're doing well.

30th-Apr-2008 11:03 pm (UTC)
Love the Chicken fact - as a human, I had to be educated young as well, but have passed along this fact to others over the years. I have one star student in a certain central Phoenix home ...
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