LucyMay (hentales) wrote,

Diane Transported

Human came into our yard this morning and enticed Diane to come and feed on the patio wall. Then, without warning or ceremony, Diane was picked up and shoved into a small box! Not liking that one bit, Diane tried to get out but Human was ready with tape and the box was sealed up. There were air holes in it so Diane was fine. Human then told us that Diane was going to a farm in Laveen where there are other Guinea hens, chickens, peacocks, ducks and a turkey. One acre of trees in a grassy meadow. Sounds like fowl heaven!

As the hatching hen, I don't feel any sadness over Diane's departure, just means more food for us and a lot less racket! Our flock is unbalanced now. Kate has no one to pal around with. She sticks closer to me now but I'm busy and am not really interested in chick-sitting. Zena, Doris and Emma are relentless about harassing Kate. Unless Human gives Kate special attention, she does not get any of the food scraps that come our way.
Tags: backyard poultry, desert life, guinea fowl, noise

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