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The days pass one upon the other and my tales have been slight. We eat, hunt, get into things that Human would rather we did not and our lives are full. Rather than recount the past days and nights since last I wrote, I will instead, tell you of the now in our lives.


Human cleaned out the coop putting fresh straw and re-arranging the perch sleeping arrangements. Last night she came to bid us good night and found Doris in one of the nests. As it was nearly dark, Human, knowing we do not normally lay in the dark, put Doris on the perch inside the playhouse with Kate.


Doris has not been laying for some time, not unusual in the hotter parts of the summer, but has on occasion dropped an egg from her nightly perch; also not uncommon. She has been eating well, chasing down the scraps of food that Human tosses to us and generally being a fine example of a healthy chicken. She has had a kind of cough as though something was caught in her throat.


This morning when Human let us out of the cage, Doris was not in her usual place by the gate wanting out. Human went into the coop and found Doris under our perch, dead. There are no obvious signs of distress, nothing to indicate the cause. Human has opted not to dissect Doris nor have her examined. Knowing the cause would not help Doris and as we seem to be fine, what is the point?


Human carefully wrapped Doris’ limp body in a pretty pink cloth. Human is naturally quite upset. Doris was such a sweet natured girl. We have a spot in the yard where a rose bush brought from the Avalon House has not survived so Human is digging a deep hole there and will plant another rose to honor our hen sister.

In our own way we too are unsettled by today's event. Cawing and bak-baking, Zena and I have erratically gone about our morning rasorial ritual. Zena is quite loud and Human thinks she is calling for Doris to come out of hiding.


Avian Diseases

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