LucyMay (hentales) wrote,

Coop Clean Up

Human decided that our coop was in need of a good cleaning. She took out the playhouse (well, we never liked it in the coop in the first place) and added a huge perch. At some point she will force the 4 little ones to join us at night. Right now though, Emma wants nothing to do with them. Human made Emma and Nora sit together her lap. Emma was quiet enough, even allowed Human to put her wing over Nora. But as soon as they were off the lap, Emma nipped at Nora!

perch large enough for the whole flocknew location of the play house
large enough for all 7 of us!          Zena inspects the playhouse in the pines

The playhouse is now in the main yard behind and under the pine tree. Human put a nest in there but so far none of us has used it. Although it does not rain much here, maybe Human thinks we will seek shelter in this little plastic house. Most likely the stray neighborhood cats will mark it!

LucyMay in her favorite nest
I like this nest. It's a milk crate lined with straw.
Tags: coop, desert life, eggs, perch, playhouse, stray cat

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