LucyMay (hentales) wrote,

Mining Fertilizer

Human is out cleaning up the coop. She calls it mining fertilizer. The chemical notation is N-P2O5-K2O, pretty high in the N(itrogen). Human puts our deposits into a pile of old flower clippings and in about 6 months she will harvest the results for the veg garden.

Dog had another run in with Jane. That little chick just runs right up to Dog and nips her on the face, shoulder or butt. Dog growls and does a bit of gnaw-gnawing on whatever part of Jane she comes in contact with. So far no one has been hurt. Human sat for a long while with Jane on her lap talking and stroking, telling Jane to leave Dog alone. Jane didn’t listen and as soon as she hopped down, went right for Dog!

The chicklets are growing fast! They are 10 weeks old. Human still can’t tell if any of them will be girls. We know but we’re not telling!

9 week old chicks
Baker (standing), Grace, Nora, Jane

Interesting Chicken Fact:
“One hen will produce 130 pounds of manure in 1 year”

Tags: chicks, jack russell, manure, pecking order

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