LucyMay (hentales) wrote,

Oh where, Oh where has Lucy gone?

Well, I have not gone anywhere! It has been a long and very hot summer and my Human hibernated through it in the cool comfort of her coop while we hens toughed it out! Human came out each morning to give us water and food; once in a while she would turn on the mister which only made our feathers wet. She is the one who feels cooler with mist. For hens standing in water helps or digging into some shady dirt.

Summer is over and the cooler days brings Human out to our yard. She putters in her veg garden, mows the lawn and gives us treats like Armenian cucumbers, watermelon, apples and lettuce. Dog follows her around hoping for some of our snacks. That Dog also chases us if we managed to get a crust of bread, but she does not hurt us.

Yesterday Human took in another hen. Brigid is a Barnevelder about the same age as Baker and Carol. As it happens, Human's friend who gave us Baker and those Buff roosters that got traded in for Carol, had Brigid at the garden at her work and the Boss said the chicken flock had to be pared down so Human took Brigid.

This morning Brigid thought it a good idea to establish her place in the pecking order so she attacked Emma, the smallest and as it happens, the cockiest fighter of the flock. Many brown Brigid feathers littered the lawn! Zena got into it later as Brigid was trying to eat from the communal feed dish. Human set out separate food and water dishes so Brigid would not starve. Like any hen in this yard would starve! Human has such a soft heart for us that she will coddle this new one until Brigid feels part of the flock.

Brigid - Barnevelder
Brigid, the newest hen

Tags: apples, barnevelder, cucumbers, desert life, pecking order, summer

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