LucyMay (hentales) wrote,

Of Living and Dying

My human has been most remiss about keeping you updated. I shall rake my talons across her arm at the very next opportunity!

The flock enjoyed a wonderful winter of foraging in the yard. We survived a very cold few days in February. While we were enjoying the dormant lawn, we dug deep into the soil, taking long dust baths in the dry dirt. Human was not happy about the craters we created and her solution? Build a tall wire fence and put us behind it! No more free range in the whole yard but a smaller portion of the side yard by our coop. Emma flew over the fence several times prompting Human to cover the area with a very fine mesh screen. We are none too thrilled about this change and Zena especially squawks loudly every morning. Human jokes calling it Poultry Prison.

May 1st marked the anniversary of my coming into Human's life. 10 years we have been together. A milestone for me, being an old hen, a VERY old hen! I still lay a few eggs now and again.

On a sad note I must report that today Brigid passed away. Human found her this afternoon, stiff and lifeless in our coop. The cause of death is unknown, Human would not preform any kind of invasive cutting to see inside our Brigid. Instead Human wrapped her body in a clean towel and buried her in the madder patch.

Brigid Barnavelder
Rest in peace lovely Brigid
Tags: barnevelder, birthday, death, dust bath, fence, prison

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